Maple Leaf Fontina

Fontina is considered one of the most versatile cheeses in the world because it is excellent as both a table cheese and a cooking cheese. The Swedish variety is slightly tart and nutty yet has a mild earthy flavor that runs mellow to sharp depending on age.

Gran Valley Manchego

Taste Manchego for the first time and you will be surprised at how long the wonderful flavor lingers on you palate. Wonderful as s snack with fresh bread or in salads, also great with crusty bread, chorizo and olives for tapas.

Old Quebec 3 year old Cheddar

Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar is a traditionally aged Canadian cheddar made in Quebec. This cheese is cured a minimum of three years and is only sold when the flavor meets our standards. Actual age of this cheese will range between three and four years and occasionally, longer. Old Quebec Vintage Cheddar has a crisp, clean flavor with an appealing sharpness that stimulates the taste buds.


One of the thingsAlisha and I enjoy the most is going out for a glass of wine or craft beer and a bite to eat. Unfortunately, there are not too many places in the area to get a quality glass of wine without $25 entrees or feeling like you need to spend an hour to get ready. We wanted to create a casual comfortable place where you could get a great glass, or try new wines with a flight of wine. (3-3oz pours of different wines within a theme) And, my pet peeve is paying to much for a glass of wine that has been open way too long, so we keep our prices reasonable and keep our wine under gas to preserve them. 

I know sometimes, it is just impossible to get out on the town, so we also offer our cheese, salami, and condiments for sale if you want to enjoy a quiet night in. 







Olli Napoli Salami

Napoli Salami is smoked over applewood giving it a complex, hearty flavor traditional to the smoked salami from Naples.

La Querceria Borsellino

Richly spiced with spanish pimenton and red chili. Antibiotic Free, humanely raised on family farms, vegetarian fed

Bussetto Herbs de Provence

In the traditional style but with a modern flair, whole green peppercorns give this dry salami a distinctive flavor.